Looking for some inspiration for kids room decorating ideas?

Well, no matter whether it’s a boys or girls room they will absolutely love this idea and you for doing it!

From a baby to a teenager the reaction is always the same – WOW!

kids room decorating ideas

Using a small pot of glow paint and a couple of additional items you can create an amazing cosmic effect on their ceiling.

The great thing about it is that it is invisible during the day so it doesn’t impact on your existing decor.

Quite simply, you paint tiny stars (and planets, milky way, galaxies, shooting stars if you’re feeling creative) on to the ceiling. The glow paint dries white which means that as long as your ceiling is white it blends in perfectly and no one knows that you have created an amazing effect.

During the day the paint charges itself and then at night when the room is dark the ceiling comes to life and you look up at lovely twinkling little stars. It’s a magical sight which kids never tire of.

It adds a final touch of magic particularly if you’re creating a space or fairy type theme in a bedroom. In a space themed bedroom you can add space wallpaper, bedding and curtains to really complete the idea. You can even add some stars to your soft furnishings if you want to be adventurous.

space theme bedroom for kids room decorating ideas

For more information about how it works and how you can create an amazing star ceiling for your own children go HERE.

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