Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most popular questions asked about ceating an amazing star ceiling:

1.  Do I need to paint the ceiling black? –  No, the perfect surface colour is in fact white.

2. What type of surface is best? – A star ceiling can be created on any type – Paper, plaster, artex, popcorn etc.

3. Does it matter if the ceiling is textured? –  No, either a smooth or textured surface is fine.

4. For how long do the effects glow?  – Please don’t make any comparison with the stick-on glow in the dark stars that you  may have tried in the past. A cosmic star ceiling will glow brightly initially and then gradually take on a lovely subdued glow which will last for 10=16 hours.

5. For how long will the star ceiling last? –  The advanced technology paints will last for over 20 years or until painted over (see below).

6. Can I paint over a star ceiling? –  Should you for any reason want to paint over the star ceiling then 2/3 coats of standard latex/emulsion paint will suffice.

7. How long does it take to create a star ceiling? –  You can easily create a basic star ceiling in a couple of hours. If you want to be a bit more creative then allow 3-4 hours.

8. Will the effects be invisible during the day? –  If the effects are created on a white/near white surface then the effects will be invisible during the day.

9. Do I need to be artistic/creative in any way? –  No, creating a star ceiling is easy once you know the secrets. If you are able to stand on a stepladder or platform and touch the ceiling you will have no problem.

10. Are the paints used safe? –  Yes, the paints are non-radioactive, odourless and non-toxic.

11. Can I run a Cosmic Star Ceiling business? –  Sure, why not. If you want help in setting up your own star ceiling business I have a separate manual and DVD designed to help you do just that. See the Business Kit page.