My name is Mark Watts and I’ve been creating Glow In The Dark Cosmic Star Ceilings since 1995.

I spotted an advertisement in a business opportunity magazine in 1995 from a Scottish guy called Neil McKay. I can’t remember how much I paid for his information back then but it consisted of a basic manual and a small pot of green glow paint. I still have that booklet today over 15 years later.

It started me off on a journey which has led me to where I am today. Creating star ceilings for my own customers, teaching people how to create their own star ceilings at home and teaching business minded people how to start a star ceilings business in their own area.

Star Ceilings Artist

It is a very rewarding businesss as the majority of ceilings that I create are for young children and there’s nothing better than seeing a childs face light up in amazement when they see their star ceiling for the first time. Even more so for autistic children as the star ceilings have turned out to be a fantastic focal point helping children suffering from autism to relax and sleep better at night.

As well as teaching parents how to create their own glow in the dark star ceilings at home for their children I have taught people throughout the world how to start up their own cosmic star ceiling businesses in their home town. I provide a business kit comprising of my 50 page instruction manual, training DVD, marketing leaflet and one of my special star applicators which teaches people how to get started from scratch and begin to earn around $200/$300 for two to three hours work.

One of my students Carl was asked to create a star ceiling as part of a BBC1 programme called DIY SOS. It involved the makeover of a bedroom for 2 young boys and the star ceiling was to be a surprise for them. I’ve got a short clip of the glow in the dark star ceiling video and it does help to give you an idea of what a star ceiling looks like.

I absolutely love what I do and I’ve had hundreds of testimonials throughout the years from parents who have been thrilled with the star ceilings I’ve created and from those parents who’ve actually had a go and done it themselves.

Either way I don’t mind. I just want to spread the message about Glow In The Dark Cosmic Star Ceilings and allow more children to experience the magic.